The course is a 21.1k loop starting in Bowring Park on the road adjacent to the south side of the Bungalow lawn. Head down the road leaving the park through the east exit by the duck pond. Turn right onto Waterford Bridge Road and right again onto Bay Bulls Road by Corpus Christi with a quick left onto Southside Road.

Head downtown Southside Road passing the Blackhead Road intersection continuing 400 meters to make a u-turn and return to the intersection. NOTE THIS OUT-AND-BACK ON SOUTHSIDE ROAD IS UNDER REVIEW AND WILL LIKELY BE REPLACED WITH ANOTHER SHORT OUT-AND-BACK LATER ALONG THE ROUTE.  Turn right to cross the Leslie Street bridge and then right onto Water Street. Turn right onto Harbour Drive and then right again back onto Water Street. Turn up Temperance Street to Duckworth Street with a quick right and left onto Quidi Vidi Road.

Continue along Quidi Vidi Road to Forest Road turning right to proceed counter clockwise around Quidi Vidi Lake and up The Boulevard. Turn left onto Carnell Drive at the top of the lake, then right onto Lake Avenue. DO NOT run all the way up to King's Bridge Road! Instead turn left just past Dominion onto the short footpath taking you to Empire Avenue. Turn left and continue along Empire Avenue through the Forest Road intersection back to Duckworth Street.

A quick left and right will bring you back down Temperance Street to Water Street. Turn right and follow Water Street right through downtown to Waterford Bridge Road where you veer left and continue up Waterford Bridge Road to the west entrance to Bowring Park at Park Road. Turn left onto Park Road, through the gates into the park and then left at the end of Park Road by the fountain. Continue past the Splash Pad and pool and across the bridge, turning right and running past the Bungalow to finish where you started.

Marathon participants continue past the finish line to complete a second identical loop of the course.

For the Marathon Team Relay the first team member starts with the full marathon runners and runs the first leg passing a relay armband (provided) to the second team member at the 11k point just past the timing mats on the Boulevard at Quidi Vidi Lake. The second team member passes the arm band to the third runner at 21.1k mark by just past the timing mats in Bowring Park (THIS IS A CHANGE FROM PRIOR YEARS WHEN THE HANDOFF WAS BEFORE THE MATS IN BOWRING PARK - NOW WILL BE PAST THE MATS), and the third runner passes the arm band to the final runner at the 32.1k point on the Boulevard at Quidi Vidi Lake just past the timing mats, with the final runner finishing the last 10.1k of the race.

The completion of all races is just past the Bungalow in Bowring Park.


Finish Area facilities and race course officially close at 1:00 pm (6 hours after start).

Course is Athletics Canada / Run Canada Committee Certified ID # NL-2015-031-BDC